Books with Toys: Making Reading Fun!

Brontie, the Plush Dinosaur, an example of a child’s book with toys

Reading a book to a child can be a magical journey. Laughs, gasps, wide eyes, and giggles combine to complete the magic and create a happy sense of contentment for both the adult and the child. But there is much more going on during story time that not everyone may be aware of. Reading to a child is crucial to their development and education, and including a toy that is part of the story increases those benefits. Here are some of the advantages that books and educational toys provide.

The Key Benefits of Books with Toys for Your Child

Cultivating creativity and imagination

Enhancing social skills and interaction

Refining motor skills and hand-eye coordination

Building literacy skills through the development of sounds and words

What are Educational Toys, and Why are they Important?

Educational toys are designed to engage and stimulate the minds of young children to help with their growth and development. These toys cover a wide range of subjects and skills instead of being focused on traditional educational topics like math and grammar. For example, educational toys can encourage social interaction, stimulate creativity, develop motor skills, and promote critical thinking and problem-solving in children.

  • Social Interaction: Toys that promote communication, teamwork, patience, and compromise in children while building self-confidence.
  • Creativity: Activities that help a child develop the ability to see something through to completion by painting, coloring, and building projects.
  • Motor Skills: Toys that use and exercise hand-eye coordination, such as creating objects like blocks, buildings, or roads.
  • Critical Thinking: Toys that encourage analysis and problem-solving. 

Educational toys include building blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals, building kits, and construction equipment. Any toy that opens up a child’s mind to new ways to perceive and act on a situation is considered an educational toy. This definition also includes books, which are not considered “toys” in the traditional sense. However, books fulfill the purpose of an educational toy in how they stimulate a child’s imagination.

Books with Toys: Making the Story Jump Off the Page

Reading to children has many benefits, starting with strengthening a parent’s relationship with their child. Exploring new worlds with children through books creates a safe zone where families can grow closer together. Additionally, children whose parents read to them will often want to emulate this action, which helps their own reading development. Books also help children with the following:

  • Enhancing their literacy skills as they learn sounds and words.
  • Building good communication and social skills.
  • Cultivate creative imaginations.

Developing a child’s desire to read is essential for their growth, and introducing a toy highlighting the story will help make it jump off the page. Toys that are characters in a story bring the story to life and encourage creative free play as the child makes up stories beyond the book. Children will sometimes connect better with a tangible 3D object they can play with than with illustrations on a flat page. Children have many different learning styles, and toys with stories can help parents to provide the best experience.

Brontie, a Stuffed Toy and an Engaging Story

Although many options are available for entertainment and education, children do best when they can interactively play with the characters and situations they know from stories. Books with toys are a great way for children to develop and cultivate their imaginations interactively away from a video screen. For example, Brontie, the Dinosaur and Story Book features the plush version of Brontie, the dinosaur-excavator hybrid toy that is part of the Prehistoric Pals world. Brontie and his pals are a great way to make reading fun.

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