Dinosaur Trucks: A Fusion of Two Toys Children Love

We at Prehistoric Pals set out to create a dinosaur truck book and toy line that sparks a child’s vivid imagination and their thirst for adventure. We combined the age-old love of dinosaurs with trucks, trains, and automobiles to provide the new generation a positive message of teamwork, empathy, and courage.

When there is a friend in need, the Pals will be there to do a good deed!
~ Brontie and Pals Build a Park

This is the story of a group of friends who work together to make the world a better place by solving problems together! Whether it’s cleaning up a park or helping a friend who’s stuck, together the Prehistoric Pals can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

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Check out the Prehistoric Pals store and meet the dinosaurs that are the inspiration for our dinosaur trucks and books!

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Find themes of: friendship, love, respect, courage, compassion, and more in Prehistoric Pals first book Brontie and Pals Build a Park where both children and adults can enjoy reading. Also look into surprising your little one with a pal of their own! Brontie comes in both a dinosaur truck stuffed animal as well as dinosaur truck plastic toy!



Brontie is adorable and the story resonates with the message I am teaching my students. I have added this to my curriculum. Thank you!

Courtney C.

Denver, CO


Prehistoric Pals is the new class favorite! The kids love the characters and I like the message.

Diane B.

Los Angeles, CA


I strive to teach my students kindness and helping others. This story helps to teach that message and the positive message of teamwork and friendship!

Cindy F.

Huntington Beach, CA


Best kids dinosaur book ever! I recommend to any child who loves to read and loves adventure.

Carly A.

New York City, NY


Prehistoric Pals is a wonderful story and and a great message.

Andrew A.

Denver, CO