Meet the Dinosaurs

Illustration of prehistoric pals Brontie, Gronk, and Bianca standing on the street in front of trees and cityscape

We set out to create a book & toy line that sparks a child’s vivid imagination and thirst for adventure. Combining children’s age-old love for dinosaurs and their fascination with trucks, trains, and automobiles, we strive to encourage a positive message of teamwork, empathy, and courage to a new generation.

Our construction dinosaur vehicles will expand to dinosaur airplanes, dinosaur trains and dinosaur toy automobiles. Our dinosaur friends will be available as dinosaur plush toys, dinosaur vehicle-plastic toys and dinosaur t-shirts of the Prehistoric Pals will be available for all the dinosaur characters.

See how toys are made!

Below are our first three Prehistoric Pals dinosaur characters! We will introduce 1-2 new dinosaur pals characters with each new book. 

Our first book, Brontie and Pals Build a Park!, highlights the three main characters: Brontie, Bianca, and Gronk.  Read the stories and enjoy the dinosaur vehicles with all your friends. 

Now it's time to 'Meet the Dinosaurs'! 



My name is Gronk and I am a
stegosaurus skid loader. I never give up and I protect my pals. I love to go on adventures and challenge myself to learn new skills. I especially like to compete in games to challenge myself and practice being a good sport.

Dino Type: Stegosaurus-Skidloader

Charater Traits: Strength, Protective, Stamina, Adaptable.

Interests: Challenging Adventures, Helping others, Competitive Events.


My name is Bianca and I am an
iguanodon land mover. I like to work hard and be kind to my pals. I try to understand what they are thinking and feeling. Collecting rocks and reading
about nature are my favorite things to do.

Dino Type: Iguanodon-Mining Landmover

Character Traits: Hard-working, Determined, Empathetic, Shy.

Interests: Collects Treasures, Helping others, Reading about Nature.

After reading the first book, Brontie and Pals Build a Park!, you will have met the Dinosaurs and will know more about our dinosaur heroes.

Brontie is a tall and courageous excavator who loves to help those in need. He is a natural leader who enjoys working with his team and solving problems. He is also caring and empathetic, as shown by his concern for the environment and his willingness to help his friend Bianca when she gets stuck.

Gronk is a helpful and supportive loader who is always willing to lend a hand to his friends. He is enthusiastic and always eager to jump in and help, as shown by his immediate response when Brontie calls for help to rescue Bianca. He is a great team player and is always willing to work together to find solutions to problems.

Bianca is a sweet and sensitive truck who is deeply affected by the pollution caused by the old factory. She is distraught by the damage that has been done to the environment. However, she is also creative and comes up with the idea of building a playground and park for the kids. She is strong and determined, as shown by her ability to endure being stuck in a ditch and her quick recovery from the incident.

Now that you have had a chance to meet the dinosaurs, see how toys are made!