Girl Dinosaur Toys

Girl dinosaur toys that girls and boys will love

Children love dinosaurs, and while the Jurrasic playground has traditionally been seen as a boy's world, the truth is that girls love these animals just as much, if not more. As parents, it is essential to provide toys for our children that will entertain them and stimulate their imaginations while teaching them basic principles of science, history, and how to work together. Yet the scales have historically been tipped when it comes to dinosaurs, leaving girls without many dinosaur toys they can identify with and see themselves in. Thankfully, this imbalance is changing.

Girl Dinosaur Toys Your Child Will Love

More and more dinosaur toys are being tailored for young girls, and as a parent, you now have several options to choose from. For your comparison, here is a small sampling of girl dinosaur toys that girls and boys alike will be interested in:

Toy Name Quick Facts
Bianca, the Dump Truck Dinosaur Toy by Prehistoric Pals
  • Plush and Plastic dinosaur truck 
  • Wheels, working dump truck
BUILD ME Stuffed Animal Set of Four Plush Dinosaur Toys
  • Four plush dinosaur toys 
  • Colorful, safe, and easy to clean
Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game by Hasbro
  • Classic game reimagined for kids
  • Fun, colorful, and enjoyable
Giant Dino Egg Excavation Kit by Discovery Mindblown
  • Giant prehistoric egg with tools
  • Ten buried dinosaurs to dig out

1. Bianca, the Dump Truck Dinosaur Toy by Prehistoric Pals

Bianca, the Dump Truck Dinosaur Toy by Prehistoric Pals

Introducing Bianca, the Dinosaur Dump Truck Toy created by Prehistoric Pals. Bianca is a girl dinosaur truck toy and one of the Prehistoric Pals. Bianca brings her own unique perspective to the pals, helping children learn and explore creatively and promoting a positive message of success through working together. Bianca is available in both plush and plastic versions.

  • Materials: Bianca plush is made from polyester, and the toy is from durable ABS
  • Safety: These toys do not have small parts and are not a choking hazard
  • Features: The toy will haul dirt, rocks, and materials and can be rolled on its wheels
  • Age Appropriativeness: The plush will appeal to toddlers, while the toy is for ages 3-8

Bianca is a great girl dinosaur toy providing hours of entertainment and creative stimulation. Children will love building prehistoric adventures, and parents will appreciate the safe, durable, and educational aspects of all the Prehistoric Pals.

2. BUILD ME Stuffed Animal Set of Four Plush Dinosaur Toys

BUILD ME Stuffed Animal Set of Four Plush Dinosaur Toys

These four plush dinosaur toys are the BUILD ME Stuffed Animal Set. These 8” high x 12” long plush dinosaurs include a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, and a Triceratops. They come in bright colors and can be hand-washed.

  • Materials: Felt and soft fabric that is plush
  • Safety: The toys do not have any choking hazards, and their flexibility assures safety with toddlers
  • Features: The toys are small enough for a toddler to hold but big enough to play with
  • Age Appropriativeness: 2 to 10 years

These toys are fun and safe for smaller children, and their bright and shiny colors will make them appealing to girls and boys. Parents will appreciate the ease of cleaning them and how safe they are for younger children.

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game by Hasbro

Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition Board Game by Hasbro

This child’s version of the classic board game is the Monopoly Junior Dinosaur Edition by Hasbro. Children will move their dinosaur pieces around the board, feeding them leafy banknotes, but watch out! While some of the dinosaurs are affordable to feed, it will cost a lot to feed the Gigantosaurus.

  • Materials: Standard board game materials
  • Safety: Some of the dino player pieces might be a choking hazard for small children
  • Features: This is a game for the entire family
  • Age Appropriativeness: Ages 5 and up

The classic family board game is reimagined for children, yet fun for adults, too. Girls and boys will enjoy playing the game, while their parents will like the learning opportunities board games like these provide.

Giant Dino Egg Excavation Kit by Discovery Mindblown

Giant Dino Egg Excavation Kit by Discovery Mindblown

Explore the world of Paleontology with the Giant Dino Egg Excavation Kit by Discovery Mindblown. With the tools provided in the kit, children will enjoy finding the dinosaurs buried within the egg, combining a fun activity with education.

  • Materials: Gypsum, plastic, and paper
  • Safety: Safe and non-toxic dinosaur egg
  • Features: Comes with ten glow-in-the-dark dinosaur figures and two digging tools
  • Age Appropriativeness: ten and up

Parents will appreciate the growth in imagination and the development of their children’s skills in science, while girls and boys will enjoy the fun of discovery like a real paleontologist.

Dinosaur Toys that are Fun and Educational for All Children

All children need toys that stimulate their imaginations while exposing them to science and positive values. At the same time, these toys need to be enjoyable for all genders. Bianca, the dump truck dinosaur toy, is a great example of a toy that appeals to all children. Girl dinosaur toys like Bianca give girls a character they can identify with and see themselves in while actively interacting and working together with the other Prehistoric Pals.

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