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Non-toxic dinosaur toys and educational books from Prehistoric Pals

The importance of using non-toxic materials in children's toys cannot be overstated. Child development and psychology research consistently underscore the critical role these toys play in a child's early years. Children explore the world through their senses, often putting toys in their mouths as part of this exploration. Exposure to toxic materials can have detrimental effects on their physical health, potentially causing long-term harm. Non-toxic dinosaur toys safeguard a child’s physical well-being while promoting interactive, engaging, and educational play. In this post we compare the toxicity of some common toy materials before highlighting three of the best non-toxic dinosaur toys.

Choosing Safe Toys for Kids: Materials to Avoid

Many mass-produced kids’ toys contain a variety of materials with names that are misleading or difficult to pronounce, making it hard to tell what’s safe. Below are some common toy materials and their relative toxicity, sorted from those that are highly toxic to those that are not toxic at all.

Toxic vs Non Toxic Materials in Children’s Toys
Material Toxicity
Lead-based paint Highly toxic
Phthalates (e.g., DEHP, DBP, BBP) Highly toxic
BPA (Bisphenol-A) Moderately toxic
Flame retardants (e.g., PBDEs) Moderately toxic
Acrylic paints Low toxicity
PVC Non-toxic
Natural wood Non-toxic
ABS polyester Non-toxic

The Best Non-Toxic Dinosaur Toys 

There are a wide array of non-toxic dinosaur toys that cater to the preferences of young dinosaur lovers, from hypoallergenic plushies, to natural wood dinos, and BPA-free bath toys. Let’s look at three of the best, safest, and most fun non-toxic dinosaur toys.

Prehistoric Pals Brontie Excavator Plushie

Brontie is an adorable plushie hybrid dinosaur toy combining a brontosaurus with an excavator, making it the perfect gift for kids who love dinosaurs and construction. The high-quality, polyester plush fabric is a safe as it is huggably soft. Prehistoric Pals’ commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and superior craftsmanship shine through in this super fun, non-toxic dinosaur toy.

Brontie Excavator Plushie non-toxic dinosaur toy from Prehistoric Pals
Materials Used Durability Age Range Cost Educational Value
High-quality polyester plush fabric 10/10 - Sturdy ABS polyester is machine-washable  3-8 years $17.85  10/10 - Can be accompanied with a book that teaches the value of friendship, teamwork, and courage

The Brontie Excavator Plushie from Prehistoric Pals gets a 10/10 for safety, durability, and educational value, making it the best non-toxic dinosaur toy on our list. The sturdy, high-quality polyester fabric is durable and machine washable, so this toy will provide years of fun and companionship. Brontie is also best paired with an interactive book that teaches kids the value of friendship, teamwork, and courage.

Tender Leaf Brachiosaurus

This Brachiosaurus toy from Tender Leaf is made of non-toxic, recyclable wood, making it both safe and sustainable. Standing around 4” tall and 6” wide, this cute dinosaur toy is great for imaginative play and easily fits in the toybox. Plus, Tender Leaf replants 100% of the trees they use to construct their toys, so you can feel good knowing you’re protecting your child and the environment at the same time.

Brachiosaurus toy by Tender Leaf
Materials Used Durability Age Range Cost Educational Value
Reclaimed rubberwood, non-toxic paint 9/10 - The paint will fade and rub away over time 3-8 years $6.99  9/10 - Promotes imaginative play and teaches the value of sustainability

The Brachiosaurus toy gets a 9/10 overall rating. While the wood construction is highly durable, the paint will fade and rub away from continuous playtime. It doesn’t come with any educational materials, but it promotes imaginative play, and Tender Leaf’s commitment to sustainability is a great lesson in the value of protecting the environment.

XY-WQ Mold Free Dinosaur Bath Toys

This set of endearing dinosaur bath toys from XY-WQ are the perfect size and texture for little ones to catch and play with in the tub. Made of non-toxic PVC, these toys are sealed with food-grade epoxy lue to prevent water from getting in and allowing mold to grow. The set also comes with a mesh bag to make drying and storage a breeze.

Mold free dinosaur bath toys by XY-WQ
Materials Used Durability Age Range Cost Educational Value
PVC and food-grade epoxy glue 7/10 - The epoxy glue will deteriorate and let water in 1-3 years $12.99  7/10 - Gets very young children interested in dinosaurs

These bath toys get a 7/10 rating overall. While the materials are non-toxic and the toy is advertised as mold-free, the epoxy glue will eventually deteriorate and allow water to get inside, allowing mold to grow and making the toy unusable. The dino bath toys don’t bring any extra educational value, but they are great for getting very young kids interested in learning more about dinosaurs.

Never Settle for Less When Choosing Toys for Your Little One: Prehistoric Pals

When it comes to choosing toys for our kids, there is no room for compromise. You should never settle for less than non-toxic, durable, and educational toys that are still engaging enough to promote hours of interactive play. The Brontie plush from Prehistoric Pals is the best non-toxic dinosaur toy because it combines safety, durability, learning, and, most importantly, fun!

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