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Gender-neutral toys for kids like the Prehistoric Pals
Children’s toys have a long history of being associated with gender-specific roles. Such labels can reinforce negative stereotypes that follow children into adulthood. For example, children who believe that only girls can play with dolls may grow into adults who...
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Construction Toys for Kids: Dinosaur-Truck Hybrids
It is amazing to watch children develop their own preferences and abilities. Many children will gravitate toward building and construction from an early age and will understand what an excavator does long before they can pronounce it. But those preferences...
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Example of dinosaur non-toxic toys for toddlers
As a parent, you want to provide your child with dinosaur toys that stimulate their imagination, helping them grow while entertaining them at the same time. However, parents should also be concerned whether the materials used to create the toy...
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A close-up of the Brontie plushie, one of the best dinosaur toys for toddlers
Dinosaur toys are always a hit with kids, but they’re often made of rough materials and small pieces that aren’t safe for toddlers. The best dinosaur toys for toddlers are stuffed animals (a.k.a. plushies) constructed from soft, non-toxic fabrics and...
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