Dinosaur Truck Toy | Brontie from Prehistoric Pals
Brontie is a Brontosaurus-Excavator construction truck. It features a jaw that is moved with your finger to open and close the mouth and to pick up rocks. The  jack-hammer tails articulates in three different places. The neck rotates up and down and the 4 wheels roll to help finish the job.
Brontie is the main character from the Prehistoric Pals book. This is a front three quarter view of the yellow colored dinosaur. He has big eyes and a happy face.  Kids can move his mouth open and close with one finger, to mimic talking or to use for digging. Give your little one a pal to cherish! Prehistoric Pals dinosaur toys & books teach friendship, respect, and the importance of developing personal values.
Brontie the Brontosaurus Excavator digging toy is yellow and grey and stands 8.40" tall and is 8.65" long. This Dinosaur is 3.85" wide and made of very durable ABS yellow Plastic. Bronite has 4 wheels and articulating tail, neck and jaw.
Brontie the prehistoric pals dinosaur is shown here, front view. He has a happy face and is standing next to the Brontie and Pals Build a Park book. The book is 28 pages of beautifully illustrated images to help tell the story.
This is side view of Brontie the dinosaur construction excavator rolling up on a stack of three Prehistoric Pals hardcover children&
The yellow Brontie Brontosaurus excavator construction toy is show here as a molded plastic toy and his plush toy version. The plush toy is soft and cuddly and perfect for ages 2 and up. The two toys are looking down onto there Prehistoric Pals-Brontie and pals Build a Park Book. Brontie loves to work together with his friends to make and build the world a better place.
Dinosaur Truck Toy | Brontie from Prehistoric Pals
This is the side view of Brontie the dinosaur. His neck articulated down to the ground for digging and his jack hammer tail articulates in three places and is use for loosening up the soil or hard surfaces before digging.

Dinosaur Truck Toy | Brontie from Prehistoric Pals

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Looking for a dinosaur truck toy for your little dinosaur enthusiast? The Prehistoric Pals Brontie excavator toy is just what you’re looking for! 

The Brontie Dinosaur Truck Toy:

  • 8" tall x 12" long x 5" wide.
  • The jaw can be opened and closed with one finger
  • The neck articulated up and down for digging
  • The toy comes fully assembled
  • Made with Child safe ABS resin
  • Ages 3 & up!
  • Designed & engineered in Huntington Beach, California
  • Sonos Product Development Manufacturing

With its bright and colorful design, this dinosaur truck toy is sure to capture the attention of any young dinosaur lover ages 3 and up, becoming an instant favorite! But don’t worry, its durable construction ensures that it will withstand even the most enthusiastic play.

Meet the rest of the Pals and go on journeys with Brontie, Bianca, Gronk, and more in the Prehistoric Pals book “Brontie and Pals Build a Park!” 

Looking to expand the collection or give a gift to the younger sibling? With the Brontie Prehistoric Pals plush toy your child's imagination will come to life!

So why not surprise your little one with a Brontie Prehistoric Pals dinosaur truck toy today? This cute dinosaur stuffed animal is the perfect gift for any occasion and is sure to bring a smile to your child's face for years to come!

Learn about the founding of Prehistoric Pals from the creators themselves.

In stock items ship within 2 business days from our
Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.

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